A landscape design should be both visually pleasing and functional. In addition, it should offer pleasure to the homeowner, enhance curb appeal and add to the property’s resale value. Let A-1 Lawn & Landscaping show you how we can have your site live up to its complete potential. From meandering paths through formal and informal niches in your little slice of nature, to the sounds of water gently cascading over stacked stone.

Our professional team of landscape designers will provide you with a plan that fits your budget as well as your lifestyle. Our plant material choices are the best quality in the southeastern region. We choose colorful foliage as well as blooming flowers that will bring visual interest to every season. When you begin planning the landscape around your home, think about the entire space and the overall effect you want to achieve. Don’t limit your ideas to trees, shrubs, and grass. Consider a patio, deck, water feature, screening wall, outdoor lighting, or a new walkway as possible landscape features.

It is important to consider a realistic budget for your landscaping project. We can help create a
plan that not only meets your needs and wants but also fits within your budget.