No matter what your landscape needs are, you can rely on A-1 Lawn & Landscaping to enhance your curb appeal and provide you with an “A-1 Lawn”. Some of our basic landscaping services

New Lawn Installations


We offer all four of these methods and can help you decide which is the best fit for your desired landscape.


Did you know there are endless benefits to Mulching? Some of these include:

  Mulching helps to keep an even temperature in the soil.
  Mulching is a form of water conservation as it conserves wetness.
 Mulching can increase the number of nutrients in the soil.
  Mulching helps your landscape maintain an even and attractive appearance.
  Some mulches can improve soil aeration and drainage over time.
  Mulching helps reduce the growth of weeds.

As you can see, generally speaking, mulch is a material that is applied onto the soil that serves a variety of purposes. In our professional opinion, mulching is a necessity when it comes to achieving the perfect landscape.


Grading and yard leveling plays a crucial role in maintaining an aesthetically pleasing yard, ensuring stability after landscaping work, and preventing serious damage and costly foundation repair. So it goes without saying, we offer this service in addition.

Retaining Walls

Homeowners and Business owners choose to construct retaining walls for a variety of practical reasons. Retaining Walls can:

  Add terracing and functional support for keeping up to 20 tons of soil in place.
  Eliminate water runoff and flooding to eroding foundations.
 Prevent sinkholes.
  Control erosion of a steep hill or slope.
  Eliminate dirt piles, hills and other eye sores.
  Solve drainage problems.
  Establish distinct areas between different features in the yard and smoothly transition between levels.
  Provide the framework for walkways, stairways or patio divisions.
 Level uneven lawns and direct drainage.
  Create usable garden spaces.

See Hardscaping section of our site for more information on Retaining Walls.